Cedar Park, Texas – Web Information Solutions announces a major update to the popular, and top-performing app, Pocket Informant. One of the most significant improvements in this release is that the application is now free to download and try. This free version offers many of the popular features that have made Pocket Informant a must-have productivity app on multiple platforms for over a decade. Upgrade to the Premium version (with a single in-app purchase), and take advantage of the full feature set including support for AirDrop, calendar printing, smart task filters, templates, notes, contact management, and more.

Free Features Include:
* One calendar (Show events from a single calendar, either the default Apple Calendar or a single Pocket Informant Calendar)
* One Reminders List (manage the Reminders on your default Apple Reminders list)
* Fifteen PI Tasks
* Search across events and tasks
* An amazingly convenient “Today” view that shows you relevant events and task, including the ETA to your next appointment
* Multiple calendar views for your events & tasks: day, week, month and list view
* Limited Synchronization (Sync with Pocket Informant Online only)

Upgrading to Premium adds:
* Sharing (AirDrop, email, and message sharing of events, tasks and notes)
* Calendar Printing (in list-view format)
* Task Smart Filters (Smart Filters give you a powerful rule-based filter that you define. Put these customized lists of tasks in your Today tab or Tasks tab)
* Flexible (and save-able) calendar filters
* Templates (the power to quickly generate events and tasks from a blueprint you create)
* Notes View (create rich text notes and sync them with Evernote, Pocket Informant Online or Toodledo)
* Contacts View (Contacts View gives you full access to your contacts, including the ability to manage groups and assign individual contacts to events and tasks)

Pocket Informant has been around for over a decade, on multiple platforms, and has proven to be a reliable and must-have tool for those wishing to consolidate the management of both schedule and to-do list. This new version with the “try before you buy” pricing structure, opens the door for even more customers to experience first hand the personal organization of Pocket Informant.

“I hearken it to old shareware scene that we started with in 2000 where you download an app, try it out, and if you liked it – payed for it,” says Alex Kac, Founder and CEO of WebIS. “We have already seen many users gain from this by being able to share PI with a friend or if they were prior PI users try it out for themselves. We’ve gained by hearing from many new customers about features they want to see or improve.”

Customers who previously purchased the paid version, Pocket Informant Pro, are not required to purchase again. “Before we started working on this new model, we wanted to make sure that everyone who bought Pocket Informant Pro automatically gets upgraded to the new Premium experience for free.” says Chris McSorley, COO and iOS Engineer for WebIS. “This update automatically detects your previous purchase and it will keep you running with the full version of PI – including all the new features we’ve added to Version 3.5.”

Featured in the iTunes App Store as a “Best New App”, and included in the “Get Stuff Done” collection, Pocket Informant continues to be a leading presence in personal organization.

“I probably tried a dozen productivity apps before settling on Pocket Informant.. Many of my colleagues ask me how I keep such a stable, organized balance between work and personal lives and I’m so happy to be able to point them to such comprehensive app. With this update, I’ll be able to point them to a free trial which is clearly more appealing (We work in fast-casual food service leadership, so our funds aren’t extremely fluid).. Nice move.” – ChrisSamsa

Pocket Informant is a full-featured app, and it is impossible to list all of the functions and benefits here. We encourage you to take a look at our website for an exhaustive listing of features as well as screenshots and much more.

Pocket Informant is a universal application, built to run on all iOS devices running iOS 7 or above. It is available globally through the iTunes App Store, and is a free download. Upgrade to Premium with a $14.99 in-app purchase to experience the full feature set.

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Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, WebIS, Inc. is a privately funded Corporation founded in 1997 by Alex Kac. WebIS has focused on the Mobile PDA and Smartphone market since August of 2001 and quickly rose to become one of the top ten developers by sales for mobile devices shortly thereafter. WebIS is a group of people dedicated to providing quality products, which meet the highest standards, to improve our customers’ lives. They have a reputation for innovative, well-planned, and usable design, striving always to do the right thing. They are a dynamic and fluid company, which allows them to make decisions not bound to rigid policy. Copyright (C) 2014 WebIS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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