Berlin, Germany – Zerodebug today is very pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of touchAble 2, the long-awaited whole new version of its dedicated Ableton Live controller app for iPad. During the last months, the Berlin-based developers team Zerodebug have focused their efforts to create touchAble 2 the ultimate iOS control surface entirely dedicated to Ableton LIVE.

touchAble App has become increasingly popular since it has arrived on the market in september 2010, as more Live users realize the flexibility and the high level of controls and customization offered by the app; at bargain rates compared with the dedicated hardware controllers currently available. Countless artists around the globe – from bedroom producers to award winning artists – use it on stage, in their studio or while on the road.

touchAble 2 has been completely redesigned from the ground up but also compatible with all iPad generations. All the new features of version 2 are available to users running touchAble on iPad1.

touchAble 2 now features a Template Editor Module allowing users to edit, create, and design controller templates directly within the app using XY Pads, Faders, Rotaries, Labels, Buttons and Containers. Any Live parameter in the current Set can be assigned, as well as MIDI messages. Templates can contain multiple pages and can be saved, restored, and combined with other touchAble’s Modules.

TouchAble 2 ships with the new Midi Clip Editor , a powerful tool to edit MIDI clips. Creating a melody, a chord progression, or a rhythm pattern with the Midi editor view is very intuitive. The Drum Mode makes it easy to lay down a drum loop, while the Chord Mode allows for precise note placements and lengths. A set of editing tools transform a simple patttern to a series of very advanced MIDI clips; Duplicate, reverse, shrink, expand, delete or mute any notes on the fly.

The app now offers a Browser which enables access to Lives Library, including all of Lives Devices, Instruments, Samples, Drums & Sounds. Load a device on a track or a sample on a drum pad using a simple drag & drop at any time.

To ease control of very big sets, touchAble 2 introduces an overview that allows quick access to any position in the set. Live 9 Users can now use the Clips Module Module to manage their Live Set – Create or delete Tracks, Scenes, Clips and even stop buttons – without ever touching your Computer. The transport bar provides a set of advanced Live session tools and controls.

Users can now play their favorite instrument banks, samples and VSTI with the Isomorphic Keyboard, the Piano Keyboard or the Drumpad, three different interfaces, that can all send MIDI Notes with positional velocity, as well as pitchweel and aftertouch messages to Live and other applications running on the computer. With In-Key engaged, only notes that are included in the specified key are assigned to the keyboards, allowing for fantastic chord progressions and beautiful melodies even in the hands of a novice. See what you are playing: Drum pads display and update name of slots. The Repeat mode allows to create complex rhythm patterns on the fly.

The Devices Module provides quick control in Live situations. The Combo mode gathers the devices that are going to be used frequently within a live session. The intuitive Snap mode with quantization allows for wild changes that snap back to the original value when released. The new interface makes navigation between banks or tracks very easy. For some of Live’s devices, a native template mimics the device in Live – providing a well known interface that will make users feel right at home.

The completely overhauled XY Pad gives you hands-on control of the effects applied; you can manually mix and match up to 12 parameters with 4 dots. It features now an intuitive gesture recorder, an Instant Mode for quick effects on the fly similar to the Kaoss Pad, and includes physics functions per dots with gravity and bouncing, and snapshots with morphing synced to the tempo of the session. Parameters can now be assigned within the configuration menu or simply using the new Auto Learn function.

* touchAble’s Mixer lets users adjust Volumes, Sends and Pans – on normal tracks as well as on return tracks
* It provides access to the Crossfader and enables you to change the A/B assignments
* Accurate dB readings and level meters provide now a high level of control
* The Mixer can be switch to fullscreen mode to double the amount of control – or to stretch the faders over the full iPads length, providing additional accuracy
* The intuitive snap mode and multiple controls per track make it the perfect tool for live performances as well as studio-use

touchAble expands your workflow by adding a hardware controller connection feature. By using the Apple camera connection kit usb adapter or any other MIDI interface for Apple IOS, touchAble 2 can map several control functions such as Devices controllers, menus and module switches, providing the ultimate level of interaction : combine the best of physical touch combined with the efficiency of multitouch screen.

Thanks to the new Server & Scripts, it is now possible to run an unlimited number of iPads with touchAble at the same time. On Windows, it does not require any 3rd party MIDI software anymore.

“We have rewritten touchAble 2 from the ground up – with stability and performance in mind. But also, we wanted to stand clear of the planned obsolescence that affects the iOS World and consumer electronics in general. 3 Years after the initial release, a big number of people are still using touchAble on their iPad 1 – and therefore it was our goal to keep touchAble compatible with all generations of iPad. A well built MIDI Controller can be used for years – why would it not be the same with an app? For this reason, we have written a completely new graphics engine based on OpenGL, that now keeps touchAble fluent across all kinds of devices – and will continue to do so in the future! Our goal was to create the app that you and us always wanted touchAble to be – and now, 9 months after publishing a survey to our user base – we are happy and proud that we have integrated almost all the features that were wished for. We feel that it was well worth the time and effort – and we hope you will agree with us when you touch it.”

Combined with its strong integration in Live, its seven different modules (Clips, Mixer, Devices, Keys, Pads, XY Pad, Template Editor) and a MDI Clip Editor touchAble 2 covers every control element of Live’s session view. touchAble opens up a wide range of creative performance techniques beyond the typical knobs and faders paradigm. It takes a musical and seamless approach to controllerism, with all areas of the interface carefully designed and optimized for intuitive and efficient touch-screen operation as well as Ableton Live workflow. In short – it makes Live Sessions touchable.

Device/System Requirements:
* Compatible with all generations of iPad
* Requires iOS 5 or later
* Ableton Live 8 & Live 9
* Mac OSX 10.5 and above or Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
* touchAble Server (downloadable for free)

Pricing and Availability:
touchAble 2 is $24.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. The update is free for previous owners.

touchAble 2
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Zerodebug, formerly AppBC, is a iOS music applications developing company based in Berlin, Germany. Zerodebug has released touchAble, a controller app for Ableton Live, and d(- -)b a Modular DJ app for iPad.Copyright (C) 2013 Zerodebug. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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