Halifax, Canada – TouchTilt Games Inc. announced today the launch of an energetic Kickstarter campaign for the Tiny Diggers series of games. In development at TouchTilt Games, Tiny Diggers 2 brings exciting, creative-learning play with trucks and tools in an open-world, construction theme for kids. Players can operate popular trucks and tools and perform jobs such as: digging, demolishing and building everywhere in a brightly coloured cartoon world.

“Tiny Diggers 2 is a giant leap forward in the series; It’s taking the likeness of the characters, trucks and experience and putting that into an entirely new environment,” says Shane Whitehouse, CEO of TouchTilt Games. “We’re very passionate about developing high-concept, creative games for kids and we hope that shows with Tiny Diggers 2. This title is unique in that it is one of the few games that not only encourage creative play for kids but for their parents, too. Parents will have the option to join in with their kids in co-op mode, assisting in construction jobs throughout the map.”

At launch, players will be able to carry out a mixed bag of construction jobs throughout the map using your truck or tool at hand.

Key Features
* Digging or dumping dirt, manipulating the terrain in real-time
* Moving and transporting pipes
* Building or demolishing a house, blasting boulders
* Hammering, Sawing, Jackhammering, Shovelling, Painting road lines
* Construction helmet rewards for upgrading, customizing and unlocking new trucks and tools
* Side quests

Tiny Diggers 2 will come in two age-specific modes:

Toddler Mode:
A simplified control scheme for kids (age 2-4) who aren’t quite able to grasp 3D games
* Trucks and characters are on-rails in a side-scrolling perspective while still containing all the exciting features of the advanced mode.

Big-Kid Mode:
Drive and walk in a third-person perspective
* Aimed for kids age 5 and parents who are more comfortable with 3D games.

Tiny Diggers 2 is running for 30-days on Kickstarter, ending November 22nd. Pricing and platform availability is subject to campaign completion.

TouchTilt Games
Tiny Diggers 2 Kickstarter Campaign
YouTube Video (Prototype)

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