Vienna, Austria – Game developer Philipp Seifried is proud to announce the trailer and first screenshots of his upcoming game “Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace” today. “Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace” is a mission-based space combat simulation in the spirit of the Wing Commander and X-Wing series, coming in early 2014 to iOS, with ports to Android, PC and Mac planned later in the year.

This new game promises touchscreen-friendly 2D controls and a tale of mystery, romance, dinosaur warfare, cat-augmentation and, possibly, redemption. We join Ace Ferrara, hotshot military cadet and blabbermouth, as he lands the internship of his dreams: aboard the spaceship Discordia, home of the Proton Riders, an elite force of galactic protectors and mankind’s foremost defense in its ongoing war against the dinosaurs. However, between Telex-duty and escorting coffee-freighters, Ace soon finds out that working among his heroes isn’t quite what he dreamed it would be.

* Mission-based space combat in the tradition of the Wing Commander and X-Wing series
* Movement in space restricted to 2D for easier touchscreen control
* A tale of mystery, romance and science, advanced between the missions
* Experience life among an elite group of oddball superpilots from the perspective of a lowly intern
* Custom-written, non-dubstep soundtrack

“I’ve been carrying the ideas for this game around forever.” said Philipp Seifried. “I wrote a first prototype in Flash in 2006, which had a Bitmap-based 3D engine, similar to the first Wing Commander titles. Ever since then, “Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace” has been constantly on my mind in one form or another. I’ve set aside a year to work on the game now, and so far there hasn’t been a day that I didn’t love. Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace is built in Unity, which is really what makes it possible to pull a game like this off as a single developer. It also allows me to easily port it to most major platforms. But Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace is first and foremost a mobile game, and it’s been designed from the ground up to be played on a touchscreen.”

Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace
YouTube Video (Trailer)
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Philipp Seifried loves to switch between writing code, creating graphics, sound and music, and developing concepts and storylines on a daily basis. Philipp has been working on commercial games since 2004, when he wrote the code to the prototype of Avaloop’s MMOG “Papermint.” In 2008 he co-founded bobblebrook, a small studio focusing on Flash games, and later iOS games. Since bobblebrook’s split up in mid 2012, Philipp has been working as the sole developer of “Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace.” All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2013 Philipp Seifried. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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