Lakewood, Colorado – Digital marketing has made great strides in providing marketers with visibility and new insights into traditional (offline) and digital (online) campaigns, but many marketers are uncertain about how to analyze the data gathered by the new technology. In response, Spider Trainers has just published a new eBook, Marketing Metrics: How admitting, ‘I don’t know,’ will make you a better marketer. Available as a free download, Marketing Metrics guides readers through the process of analyzing digital and traditional marketing campaign engagement.

This new eBook covers topics on how data is tracked, which individual data points matter, what that data means, and concludes with ideas on how to improve the data. Handy, easy-to-follow formula examples, which simplify calculating results, are included throughout the eBook. The calculation formulas range from ROI to subscriber-retention rate, delivery rate to bounce rate, open rate to profitability, and lots of other stats in between.

“Some people think I’m too focused on data,” said Cyndie Shaffstall, founder of Spider Trainers, “but, quite frankly, I’m simply a data addict. I search for answers in numbers, even if I suspect that the answer may not make me smarter on the topic. Just having collected and analyzed the data so that I can evaluate its worth, perhaps discard it, brings me comfort. With this book, I hope to have found a middle ground – a way to bring the same comfort level to marketers and other business professionals who may not know now, but who will soon be saying, “ahhh…now I get it.”

Whether you’re the Mac-based designer, Unix-based web programmer, or Windows-based CFO, Spider Trainers makes the dense topic of analytics simple and easy-to-understand in this eBook. Now, instead of avoiding it, marketers may find themselves motivated to start putting their newfound knowledge into practice.

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Marketing Metrics

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