London, United Kingdom – QuickBlox, a cloud backend (mBaaS) platform has released video calling SDK libraries and code samples for iOS and Android allowing developers and publishers to add functionality similar to Skype or Facetime into their apps.

Of backend as a service platforms, QuickBlox is the first to provide the video chat working between iOS and Android. 6,000 app publishers are already benefitting from the new SDK. Many more social, enterprise and entertainment apps are expected to leverage the technology.

The solution is peer to peer so you don’t need to host a massive server-side infrastructure and pay for traffic. QuickBlox cloud takes care of users authentication, handshake and NAT traversal making sure your users can call each other through different network, firewall and router configurations.

* Front-end iOS / Android development skills.
Note: the SDKs and code samples drastically reduce the time of building a video chat app and QuickBlox provides ready cloud infrastructure and APIs but front-end integration still needs to be done by someone who has Objective C / Java coding skills. You may integrate it yourself or contact QuickBlox for a list of recommended vendors.

* Developers: Free (shared hosting, fair usage, community support)
* Agencies: $199 per month (shared hosting, limited support)
* Enterprise / customisations: monthly SLA subscription (dedicated hosting and support)

Since 2009 QuickBlox provides a cloud backend for mobile, web and desktop developers. The platform consists of Data and Communication modules such as Users, Content, Location, Ratings, Custom Objects, Chat, Presence, Video / Audio calling and Push Notifications. All modules are accompanied by code samples, step-by-step tutorials and video guides.

The platform is serving millions of API calls per day and powers thousands of apps including world famous brands and enterprises.
Video calling SDK for iOS has been released in February 2013 (featured by TheNextWeb).

Video calling SDK for Android has been released in October 2013 (announced at Droidcon London).

QuickBlox video chat calling for iOS
QuickBlox video chat calling for Android
YouTube Video
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Based in London, United Kingdom, QuickBlox has many years worth of experience building innovative apps & cloud solutions for world famous or most interesting clients. QuickBlox means more powerful apps, less time/money spent and scalable reliable cloud infrastructure supporting it. Copyright (C) 2013 QuickBlox. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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