London, United Kingdom – XChange UK, the source for extended technology worldwide, are excited to announce the release and availability of five popular Plug-ins for InDesign Creative Cloud from Em Software. The industrial-strength products are in production use at tens of thousands of sites world-wide. Users who purchased the CS5/CS5.5/CS6 version of any of the Plug-ins from 1st January 2013 or after, are eligible for a free upgrade to the CC version.

Products include:
DocFlow for InDesign – DocsFlow marries the collaborative editing power of Google Docs to the layout power of InDesign. DocsFlow lets users place online Google Docs documents as InDesign story contents, just like normal text files. And, much more importantly, DocsFlow maintains a dynamic link so it can intelligently merge Google Docs document changes into the InDesign story contents on each link update, rather than just replacing the story. So users can format, layout, and make minor edits in InDesign, while they – and others – edit story content together in real time on Google Docs, without losing any work.

WordsFlow for InDesign – WordsFlow is a file-based editorial break-through product, enabling authors and editors to continue working on story files while they work on the same story in InDesign. WordsFlow does this by “merge-updating” from changed Word files, rather than letting InDesign just re-import over all a user’s work. This spares users the pain, frustration and inevitable mistakes involved in hand-merging changes. What’s more, it works entirely invisibly, with no user interface beyond the standard file linking machinery end-users are already using for graphics.

InData for InDesign – InData works like a mail merge on steroids. Users simply create a template in a normal document, with rules that tell it how to format their text and graphics. Then, with a single menu invocation, the Plug-in builds the document at jaw-dropping speeds-up to hundreds or even thousands of pages per hour. Customers can use their publishing platform’s typographic controls for each variable field and for any static text, to get just the right look for their data. InData has a powerful English-like scripting language. Users can put any field from their data source in any order in the text flow, force page breaks, generate headers/footers, apply master pages as needed-and much more.

InCatalog for InDesign (available late December for CC) – InCatalog creates transparent links between InDesign documents and databases or spreadsheets. Once links are established by means of the easy-to-use data linker palette, users can update prices, graphics, or product information automatically – even change versions or swap languages. InCatalog is designed to update prices, graphics, or product information with one-click ease, in just about any kind of catalogue, price list, travel schedule, directory, one-to-one marketing flyer, etc. With InCatalog, users can rest assured their documents will always reflect their database contents. A standard license enables InCatalog to work with delimited text data “snapshot” files, and, under Mac OS X, with on-line FileMaker Pro (and FileMaker Pro Runtime) databases. A Pro license further unlocks the ODBC capabilities of InCatalog, which can then update documents directly from and to ODBC-accessible databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access, etc.

Xtags for InDesign – Xtags for InDesign is an import/export text filter supporting the Quark XPress Tags language plus their own extended Xtags tags, for tremendous document-building and extracting power. With Xtags, users can build any text content with full styling (the same as XPress Tags), anchor and fill picture and text frames, build and fill unanchored frames, size picture contents to containing frames, size frames to content (text or picture) in various flexible ways, translate text and tags on input, use macros to reduce typing, apply master pages and spreads, and more. For output, Xtags will save the contents of any text story, including anchored text and picture frames, and will also save the structure and content of any selected text, picture or group frames.

The Em Software Plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud are available now through XChange UK. Customers can use the site wide coupon code XE317401129 when ordering to save 10% on their purchase. To order, or for more information, users can visit the website or call during regular business hours.

XChange UK
Em Software Plug-ins for InDesign
Watch a video of InData at work
Watch a video of InCatalog at work

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