Ever wish you can spy on someone’s phone? Track their location, read their text messages, emails and call history? Whether you’re a worried parent, or recently escaped psychopath, we’ve got great news for you – you can now do all of that and much more with Mobile Spy!

I’ll begin by addressing the main issue. Unless the individual has been made aware of the installation of Mobile Spy and the fact that his mobile activity will be monitored, this is some serious invasion of privacy and we do not indorse such activity. This is, however, your choice and no one can prevent you from doing so. Unless you can’t afford it.

Anyway, onto Mobile Spy. It is available cross platform but iOS will obviously require a Jailbreak. The app installs without a trace. There are no icons and no evidence that its been installed. All the magic happens in the online admin panel. Just by logging into the panel online, you will pretty much have entirely control of the device. While you can necessarily control the device in real time, you’ll be able to access all the text messages / iMessages (even BBM conversations, available on Blackberrys), emails, call logs, photos, visited website (Safari History), watched YouTube videos, calendar events, installed applications and many more (as if that wasn’t enough). Simply click into each category from the panel and you’ll get a list for each one. From here, you’ll also be able to export into .csv, .xls, and .pdf formats. The main admin panel also offer convenient monitoring tools like the Logs Summary, which is essentially a collection of all the information above that you can view in three different graph formats. You can even remotely uninstall application from the device if you so choose. If I’ve missed something that you would want to see in the admin panel, chances are, its likely there. The admin panel is one of the most comprehensive ones I’ve seen and its got just about everything that even the creepiest individual would want to see from someones phone. The feature that I saved for last is the SMS commands. By sending as text message from your own device to phone being monitored you can perform a variety of actions, such as retrive GPS coordinates, lock and unlock the device, and remotely wipe recent call history, stored photos, etc. And the best part, no notification shows up for the text message. The receiver is not informed about anything and all action are performed in the background.

Mobile Spy is very very powerful tool. However, I can’t stress enough that you MUST have a really good reason to use this. Monitoring other people private lives without their consent is invasion of privacy and very illegal. So lets hope that is not where you want to go with this. If you do have a good reason for using this, then by all means, go ahead, because it is just awesome.

Check out Mobile Spy here: http://www.mobile-spy.com/iphone.html

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3 Responses to Mobile Spy for iOS (Jailbreak), Blackberry & Android – App Review

  1. Ali Glover says:

    Android, which is seen as an unsecure malware magnet, and iOS, which comes from a firm that has never learned to spell.

  2. Mobile spy software can be very useful for parents who want to keep track of their kids’ activities. It can help determine their location and help monitor the text messages and calls made from the mobile phone.

  3. This certainly is a huge benefit for independent developers, since they can position their software in the first place so that they could bring very good sales.

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