If you’re into horse racing games, Royal Derby is definitely the next to check off your list.

Each game is different in this horse racing app; the horse, the jockey, the ground conditions, weather conditions and so on are all variables of the game. You are able to evaluate the game based on the different conditions, and potentially win big.

The good thing about the Royal Derby app is that it’s a fixed odd game as opposed to just gambling. This means that the odds have been carefully calculated to represent the true odds of each horse winning a race. You can choose from a selection of 6 different horses which are randomly drawn from a sample of thousands of horses and hundreds of jockeys for each race. The odds for each horse are available in the betting section. You can then bet on that horse winning either “To Win” or “Each Way”. Depending on the result of the race you will win or lose your money.

The overall feel and graphics of the game is very good. The UI is really clean, easy to use and looks very nice, and the stereo sound is very clear to. The app is certainly the next best thing from the real thing, with its many different variables that make the race feel that little bit more realistic.

Check out Mobile Royal Derby App here.

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