Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.23.27 PMOver the years of reviewing various casino application for iOS and Android, I’ve seen some pretty nice apps but not many hit the spot like 888 Casino Games. If you’re into gambling on the go, these are a must have.

888 Casino Games is available for both iPhone and iPad as separate applications. They are both free to download and you can get started playing with real money in no time. Don’t have any cash? No problem, because you can play for free in practice mode without spending a single penny. With 888 Casino Games you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of slot games, 3 types of roulette, blackjack, video poker, and more. Getting setup with 888 Casino Games takes almost no time whatsoever, and the games are actually a lot of fun even if you don’t end up spending any money. They look and feel great and make you want to keep playing. 888 Casino Games was voted the best casino of the year at the Total Gaming Awards in 2012, so you’re really in for a treat with these apps.

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Overall, I thought 888 Casino Games were made very well and were just as easy to use. Like I mentioned, you can go ahead and get either an iPhone version, iPad version or both if you like. If you’re a serious casino game fan or maybe you just play once in a while for real money, 888 Casino Games is definitely something to check out.

Check out 888 Casino Games for iOS on the App Store!

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