Space CubesIf you’re into simple, fun-to-play arcade-style games on the iPhone, Space Cubes for iOS is something you should check out on your next visit to the App Store.

Space Cubes is all about simplicity and game play. The game revolves around a simple gesture-driven controls concept that lets you throw around a little ball, hit and smash various objects, collect points from doing so and moving on consequent levels via portals. Simply swipe your screen to toss the ball as quickly as possible, this gesture will essentially mimic the ball in the pinball machine, bouncing around like its mad. You can also control your character smoothly by gently dragging your finger on the screen. Make him stop just by tapping anywhere. Using the three basic gestures, the goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible and move on the next level by smashing some objects and unlocking the portals. There’s really not much else to the game, but its quite entertaining and extremely smooth so its a pleasure to play.

Overall, Space Cubes is not extremely graphic-intensive but does have some very nice arcade-styled visuals. The game play is buttery smooth and you’ll master the controls in no time at all. There’s practically no learning curve, just the wonderful experience of playing the game. Space Cubes is great for killing time just about anywhere, except the hardest part is finding the time to kill.

Check out Space Cubes for iOS on the App Store!

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