AirlikeAs powerful as iOS devices are, transferring data between them, such as photos and videos, can still be somewhat of a hassle and even an unknown territory for some. With Airlike it doesn’t have to be either of those.

Airlike makes sharing content between iPhone brilliantly simple. Unfortunately, for now it is only limited to iPhone (I’m sure universal support is in the works) but it works rather well. In fact, it is very easy to use and your knowledge of technology need not be even remotely comprehensive. You’ll need two devices that you want to transfer photos or videos to and from. If you point the tops of the devices towards each other, Airlike will do a quick scan, recognize them, and show the device’s name in the top bar. Simply tap the name to send a connection request. After the other device accepts, you can simply flick any photo or video up and it will automatically start transferring to the other device. It is extraordinarily easy to operate and takes mere seconds to connect and setup. Transferring photos or videos is lightning fast and it even rivals iOS 7’s new Airdrop technology for how long it takes to transfer photos. While Airdrop is only available on iOS 7, you’ll be delighted to know that Airlike is available starting from iOS 6 and up so you don’t have to feel left out if you’re still delaying upgrading the new OS.

Overall, I thought Airlike was very well done. It is the initial release and there are some minor bugs that will be sorted out in future releases. However, these are minor and should not deter you from this amazing app. If you’re ever going to transfer photos or videos from iPhone to iPhone then you have to give Airlike a try. It is absolutely awesome.

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One Response to Airlike for iPhone – App Review

  1. Adam @ Adder Apps says:

    Thanks for the review, this looks pretty cool, I always found airdrop quite slow so im interested to see how much faster this is!

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