If you’re looking for a great interactive book on iOS and just can’t seem to find one anywhere, I am glad to let you know that you don’t have to look any further. Amelia and Terror of the Night for iOS will knock you off your feet, its that good.

Amelia and Terror of the Night must be the best book I have seen on the iOS platform. Even if you include the Androids in there as well, there really isn’t anything out there that matches the quality of graphics, animations, dictation and sounds. Every detail of the application is polished to a shine, and its really not that hard to see why. Every character, every little leaf and every detail that would normally be static, is interactive here. You can tap on just about anything and expect something to happen in return. This isn’t a book where you can explore every page with a few or even several taps. With Amelia and Terror of the Night you can spend minutes playing on a single page, looking for hidden stars and interacting with the book. It also features an accelerometer-driven animations that pans the scene to reveal hidden location and interactive content. Sometimes its even necessary to tilt your device in order to reveal and collect all the stars for each “level”. What I mean by “level” is each interactive portion of the page. There is usually a main narration with a panning image, which is followed by an interactive page where the main action happens.

This book is simply phenomenal and I highly recommend it to every iPhone and iPad owner. It may seem a little pricy at $4.99 but let me assure you that it absolutely worth every penny. If you have kids or you simply like great art work, then this book is definitely for you. Don’t hesitate to spend the five bucks on it, you won’t regret it. Last thing I should mention is that if you’re native tongue is Polish, you’re in luck, because this book is available with both English and Polish narration and text.

Check out Amelia and Terror of the Night for iOS on the App Store!

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2 Responses to Amelia and Terror of the Night for iOS – App Review

  1. Guy says:

    Could you tell me more about the “Androids” book that you mention in the review ? I’m always very interested in new interactive iPad books, and I don’t know that one. I couldn’t find it in the iTunes store.


    BTW – I got Amelia on the strength of your review. Can’t wait to read it with the kids.

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