Artist Corner is an amazing app for your kids to practise their artistic skills. Unlike most cheaply made “drawing” applications, Artist Corner features a great drawing engine that allows for versatility in your children’s artistic expression. Its hard to develop your creative side when the software doesn’t allow for it. With Artist Corner this isn’t at all the problem and at the price of absolute free, its a much better solution than dumping loads of money on a professional drawing application such as Sketchbook Pro. Not only will the professional solution be extremely cryptic and nearly impossible for a child to use, it won’t give you the great benefit of exploring other children’s creations through the built-in “corner” where you and your kids can explore the creations of other for inspiration.

Artist Corner is extremely intuitive, easy-to-use and offers tons of potential in terms of expressing your inner artist. There are several drawing modes where you kids can practice their colouring skills, free draw, color in a mask and explore a scratch-pad style drawing mode. All four mode allow you to easily save and share your creations and offer plenty of versatility and stimulation for that creative side of the brain. Overall, Artist Corner is a great tool for any parent and if you have an iPad, this is a must have for every parent. Not only will it keep the kids busy, it’ll be doing so while taking their attention away from useless brain-dead games available on iOS.

Check out Artist Corner for iPad on the App Store!

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