Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.02.40 PMBlackjack is one of the most iconic casino card games. If you’re an avid blackjack enthusiast or simply a first-time player, having BC Blackjack will be the perfect companion in satisfying the craving for blackjack or helping you learn the ropes.

BC Blackjack is 3D blackjack simulator that will get you as close as physically possible to real blackjack on an iOS device. Available as universal app for both iPhone and iPad, BC Blackjack is free to download and includes expansion-style in-app purchases. Getting started with BC Blackjack is incredibly easy. A tutorial with popups will show you all the necessary control and get you started playing the game. Helpful tooltips will reveal how to navigate between screens, start games, place bets, and much more. It won’t be long before you’ve mastered the app. Within the app you’ll also find basic strategy and tips on how to improve your blackjack game in the app and in the real world at the casino. With cool 3D animations and realistic game play, BC Blackjack will be the best way to learn and master your blackjack skill on the go.

Overall, I thought BC Blackjack was great tool for anybody getting started with blackjack. It is incredibly easy to use, unlike many other casino-style games. What I also like about BC Blackjack is that it isn’t littered with ridiculous casino ads either. You can play in peace and if you decide to purchase something, it’s really not intrusive. The game has a nice look, feels solid, and just an all-in-all a fantastic blackjack simulator. If you’re a fan of blackjack, this is the app for you.

Check out BC Blackjack for iOS on the App Store!

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