There are tons of to-do apps and organizers for the iPad, but none quite as feature-packed as Beesy for iPad. Let’s go ahead and see what this six dollar app is all about.

Beesy for iPad is an all-in-one organizer that targets the “busy” kind of people out there. You probably know who you are, but just to clarify, Beesy is aimed at those who have more things to do than hours in a single day allow. With Beesy you will be able to keep track of your notes, people, to-dos, projects and much more. There are so many features in Beesy that we’ll hardly be able to cover all of them in detail. For example, you can make a note by drawing on the screen with your finger, tap a button to open up your location on a map, draw on the map with your finger and send that image to someone via email. Just as easily you can make tap a button to make a voice recording, send an email, jot down an idea, draw on a webpage, and much much more. There are simply too many features to list but at least there’s enough to justify the six dollar price tag.

Despite many great features, I do feel, however, that Beesy is a little clunky and is extremely confusing. The learning curve seems to be very steep even for someone with years of experience in both using and developing application on iOS. I also found that Beesy is somewhat slow running on the iPad 3, which should be able to handle an application like this with flying colors and room to spare. In reality, screens seem to lag every so slightly and the interactivity just isn’t as smooth as you’d expect. It almost seems like the app is built on Javascript with an Objective-C wrapper for native functionality for calendar, photos and the like. Although there isn’t anything particularly wrong with this approach, a six dollar price tag raises the expectation to a new level which Beesy doesn’t quite meet. Don’t get me wrong, Beesy is still a great app, but I personally think that the product doesn’t completely justify the price. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide.

Check out Beesy for iPad on the App Store!

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