TakuzuWe love puzzle games. Mostly because they make your brain work, unlike many popular action games. Another great puzzle game that is easy to get started with is Takuzu for iOS.

Takuzu is almost like an easier, faster and less brain-intensive version of Sudoku. Of course, exactly HOW brain-intensive it really is will depend entirely on the level of difficulty and grid size. Let me explain. Essentially, you will start with a grid. A basic one is a 4×4 and can go all the way up to 8×8. Each grid cell contains a circle that you can fill with a 1 or a 0 (binary anyone?). The idea is to fill the entire grid such that there are no more than 2 consecutive numbers. As a result, each row will consist of 50% 1s and 0s, which makes it much easier to wrap your head around. The first few levels you’ll find that you fly through, because the 4×4 is quite easy to get by. The 6×6 grid become more challenging and the 8×8 seems nearly impossible. What I find with Takuzu is that if you get a single wrong number, it will throw off the entire grid and at that point its much easier to start from scratch then debug your mistake. To me, it almost seems like Takuzu is a 40 / 60 mix of minesweeper and Sudoku.

Overall, I find the game quite addicting, especially at the easier levels of difficulty on a 4×4 grid simply because its easy and quite rewarding. The graphics, sound effects and other game elements are also quite nice and really add to the game. Its simple, easy-to-play and certainly a great time killer if one is required. If you like puzzles or perhaps you’re looking for a sudoku alternative, while not as intense as sudoku, Takuzu is a great replacement.

Check out Takuzu for iOS on the App Store!

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