Smashing eggSome games are excellent time killers. They take very little time to setup, easy to play, and most importantly quick to finish up. One of these games is Smashing Egg Tido for iOS.

Smashing Egg Tido is all about the egg. This egg just so happens to be the main characters who is responsible for running around and smashing the bad guys before he gets turned in a delicious sunny-side up entree. The idea of the game is rather simple, but the most interesting part is how you control the egg. The goal is to stay alive by smashing as many enemies as you can. You do so by tapping anywhere on the playing area and the egg will perform either a punch or some other maneuver. Moving around will be accomplished by drawing a path on the screen. So for example, if you want your egg to move to the other side, simply draw a line and egg will walk. While this might sound simple, its not as responsive as direct controls. Despite the slight sluggishness, the unique way of controlling the egg adds a distinct flavour to the game which makes it a little more challenging and entertaining. There are also two levels to choose from: Snow and Grass. You can also pick the speed of the game which will essentially determine the quantity of the enemies in each wave. Hold out on as many waves as you can before you get turned into an omelette.

Overall, the game is pretty fun and can be quite challenging with the swipe controls on the highest speed difficultly. Like I mentioned before, there’s hardly any learning curve and getting started is as easy as opening the app, which is definitely an upside for the occasional, quick iOS gamers. This game is perfect for bus stops, appointments or any other occasion that expects you to spend some time staring at the ceiling. For just a buck you can get yourself Smashing Egg Tido instead, and spend the few minutes killing time on your iPhone.

Check out Smashing Egg Tido for iOS on the App Store!

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