Cake NanaYou’re probably well aware that some games are best suited for certain occasions, like when its time to relax and do something slow-paced rather just into an action packed adventure. If you’re looking to take things slow with the next game, Cake Nana might be a good option.

Cake Nana, from what I grasped, is about a gingerbread man who is on a mission to save the cake world. Yes, that’s right, the cake world is being taken over by little evil guys (what would we do without cake?) and your job as the gingerbread hero is to rescue it and free it from evil. Sounds glorious. In reality, what you’ll be doing is shooting slow-moving individuals that are headed for the door. Keep the away to finish the level and move on to a slightly more challenging one. Shooting is simple, just tap anywhere on the screen and that will fire a bullet in that direction. Effective point your bullets are the little troopers and after about 4 successful hits or so, they will be eliminated. But watch out, let one of them through and you’ll love about half of a muffin (each muffin is like a life). There are several worlds to play through, with each mission making up about a tenth of each world, so there will be plenty of opportunity to rescue that delicious pastry.

Overall, I love the concept. A game based entirely on rescuing baked goods is just fantastic. There were several areas in the game where I felt a little confused as to where I should tap and go, but after a little while it all made sense. The pace of the games is relatively slow but as the little troopers build up it can get relatively quick. Gameplay itself is real easy and Cake Nana definitely has a very flat learning curve in terms of controls and game logic. If you’re looking for an easy play, go ahead and give Cake Nana a try because it is completely free.

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