Hollywood is an interesting and most people will never have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live there. Ofter thought to be reserved for the superstars, Hollywood is a pretty exclusive place. Now, a game let’s you get a glimpse into what it’s like. Or at least one version of it.

Celebrity Hollywood is a game that let’s you experience the reality of Hollywood right on your phone. It vaguely resembles Sims but with just a tiny subset of features and functionality. In fact, the whole point of the game is to spend as much money as possible. In essence, the more money you spend, the more you’ll level up and unlock new ways to spend money. But wait, you might be thinking, having money is necessary before you can spend it, no? Collection media items on the street and partaking in movie roles will earn you cash that can be used on anything from coffee and tea to diamonds and shoes. The more money you make, the more you can spend and level up. Forget about savings, there’s no such thing here.

Overall, the premise of the game is a huge turnoff for me. The game portraits Hollywood as a place where people just mindlessly spend money on the first everything they gaze upon and throws all financial literacy out the window. Even though this is meant to be a game, I feel that it is detrimental especially to the younger audience that is getting a completely invented perception of what Hollywood really is. As far entertainment value goes, it’s also quite dull. For me, where Celebrity Hollywood suffers most is it’s portrayal (or lack there of) of financial literacy. I’d highly advise keeping your kids away from this one.

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