Celestials AOSCelestials AOS is fantastic 3D RPG that will take you on an adventure. Battle, upgrade and purchase items, equipment, potions and other helpers that will aid your quest. Definitely a game to check out if you’re an iPad owner.

Celestials AOS will start you off by selecting the clan the you’ll be battling for. While the decision will not have a drastic impact on your future in the game, it can be beneficial to select a clan that will offer you a character with desirable characteristics. By selecting a clan, you will be give a “hero”, who is essentially your main character that you will be responsible for upgrading and using in battle. Some clans offer more powerful heros than others. Once selected, you’ll be able to go ahead with your first mission. The order of events is usually as follows: you’ll run through the game menus to setup your hero, purchase all the necessary potions with in-game gold coins, and prepare to take on your next battle. After the battle you’ll want to restock the potions and repeat the process. These potions that I’m talking about help you in battle by providing special powers, depending on the potion. Some of the things include, revival, health restorations, shielding, increased power and many more. In some battles you’ll find that these potions are an absolute must in order to even complete the level. The battle scene is where all the 3D goodness really shows. All the characters and animations have awesome 3D graphics and animations. Controlling your character is as simple as tapping on the location you want them to go to. Attack an enemy by tapping directly on them. There’s also an “auto” mode which can be handy when attacking a pack of enemies because it tells your character to automatically attack the next closest enemy instead of waiting for your tap, which can save some precious health.

Overall, I thought the game was well done, but I would like to see a more improved game menu and navigation. While the gameplay itself is superb, the menu clarity, graphics and navigation could really use some tweaking and fine tuning. Firstly, the graphics aren’t nearly as good, and navigation can be slow and somewhat confusing. A crisper more responsive menu navigation would really complete Celestials AOS. All in all, still a great game.

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