PostHarvestPostHarvest revolves around the extremely simple idea of sorting various items into their appropriate bins, and avoiding incorrect placements. A simple, easy-to-play for your iOS device.

PostHarvest is brutally easy to play. There are no difficulty levels, worlds or sections to choose from and its just about as simple as a game can get. You’ll start off with a conveyor belt that moves items. With bins at the end of the belt and on either side, you job is to flick the item on the conveyor into one of the three boxes. The challenge here is to identify the item to see if its good, bad or can be recycled. When you’ve made your choice, simply flick the item into the bin, or if its going into the end bin, just let don’t touch it and will eventually fall into it. That’s pretty much the game. As it progresses, new items will show their face and you’ll have to identify each appropriately. Its actually quite difficult to tell most of the time what the item is, and therefore, most the of learning will be by trial and error.

Overall, I though the game was a little too simple. The graphics are hardly impressive and there’s really no incentives in the game. Yes, you collect cash at the end of each level that you can use to purchase items but the overall experience was definitely lacking. The general quality of this application, I felt was somewhat on the low end of the spectrum especially compared to some popular simple games out there. For me personally, PostHarvest doesn’t bring any sense of excitement.

Check out PostHarvest for iOS on the App Store!

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