If you like dungeon crawl games, theres no doubt about Cheese Crawl being an attractive choice in the genre.

Cheese Crawl takes a new approach to gaming and incorporates an unusual theme into an RPG style dungeon crawl-like game. Its all about to get really cheesy when you get to a reception in a dungeon. Cheese crawl is a first person dungeon crawl game where you walk around and occasionally have to kill a few cheese sticks. Now that may sounds pretty crazy, and when you actually play the game you can’t help but thinking “wow, I’m really killing a cheese stick”. When I think about it, Cheese crawl is like a combination of the classic Doom and room escape game blended into one. You’ll find yourself strolling through the dungeon very reminiscent of the Doom mazes. Along the way you’ll also collect items, that will unlock door and get you moving forward in the story line. So what it basically comes down to is how much free time you have to walk around the dungeon and kill food items.

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Overall, Cheese Crawl is a very interesting take on the whole dungeon crawl idea combined with a little room escape action that sort of looks like it was taken out of the Doom scenery. All in all, pretty nifty game. Although the graphics are not its strongest suit, you’ll find that the game play is quite smooth. I must admit that the controls are a tad bit confusing however. To turn and move forward you basically have to swipe the screen in the direction that you want to move in but if you’re used to scrolling on your iPhone in the OPPOSITE direction, like when scrolling down a web page, then that will be your first instinct. You’ll soon realize that its the wrong instinct and it will take 2-3 minutes to adjust, but other then that its pretty straight forward.

Check out Cheese Crawl for iOS on the App Store!

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