Social networking has more-or-less become the standard for communication nowadays. However, there are countless ways to expand and improve on popular social networks. One of these way is by using Chumkee, the new social “plugin” as I’d like to call it.

Chumkee is essentially an expanded version of Twitter. It much more versatile, allows for photo and video uploads that are very easy and quick to view, employs brilliant commenting system and offers a unique reward mechanism for comments, post, replies and general interaction within the network. Interestingly, these rewards come in the form of bananas. Call it what you want though, at the end of the day, if you have more, you’re better then those who have less, and that’s what makes it fun and addicting. Theres a “banana leader-board” that shows you the top earners. This gives you the opportunity to browse their profile and maybe start a conversation. And yes, you earn bananas for conversation.

So, whats the point? Why not just use Twitter or Facebook? Well, theres a very simply answer – because its not as stale. Facebook and Twitter has been around for a really long time when measured in “technology time” as I’d like to call it. Since tech ages very quickly, it can be said that time, as a result, runs much quicker in the tech world. Chumkee is new, fresh and exciting. Its not like anything you’ve used before which makes it more fun. Also, user population is also relatively small which gives you a more intimate experience. This can be both good and bad, but for now we’ll just leave it as fact. With Chumkee you get a unique social network experience that you won’t get with Facebook or Twitter so really, its not a replacement, but rather an addition to your social arsenal.

Overall, I’d say Chumkee is a very high quality application. There are tons of details that have been thought out and meticulously perfected, and that’s important because it shows quality. Chumkee is a great app for anyone who is a social butterfly or anyone who doesn’t mind a chat with a stranger. So go ahead, and explore the world with Chumkee for iOS.

Check out Chumkee for iOS on the App Store!

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