So say you like FourSquare? Right? Something about virtually checking-in to physical places puts a smile on your face. What if instead of just checking-in, you had to battle mystical creatures and win over mayorship through battle, rather then borring old check-in buttons. That wasn’t possible before, until now – with City King.

Now. City King is still a game but it incorporates the social check-in aspect into it, which is quite frankly, very cool. I’m not a big fan of FourSquare because to me it just seems like a large waste of time, but when it comes to slaying goblins and skeletons to win over the “mayorship”…that changes a few things. City Kings is a very unique concept that lets you enjoy the game at the same time as being social, battling over who gets to be the king of the area. Just like your favorite check-in app, City King has areas that you physically drive or walk to. Once you’re there, you can either set a highscore if one has not been set yet or you can go ahead and battle the current king. The cool part about this is that your rein is not dependant on how many times you checked in to one place, but rather how good you are at the game.

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I must say, the idea behind City King is really awesome. Incorporating social networking with RPG style game play is a brilliant tactic and may prove to be quite popular. The graphics are well done, and the user interface is really simple to use which makes for a nice environment when you’re in a hurry to check-in somewhere and battle some goblins. To make the game more interesting, there are items you can unlock and buy that will likely make your gaming and social experience that much more entertaining. If you like games and you move about in your city on a regular basis, City King is definitely something you should look into , even just to give it a try. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Check out City King for iPhone on the App Store!

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