City of SplendorsRole playing games can be extremely fun and can offer a ton of play time. Today we’re look at City of Splendors for iOS, a great RPG for you to get your hands on.

City of Splendors revolves around the an eventful story that will really grab your attention. Despite the countless spelling errors, you’ll be able to read through the dialog just fine and the well constructed guide will help you jump right into the game and get started. Your job is to maintain your city, recruit new heroes, fight battles and win. Various battles feature prizes and at least a reward in coins that will help you purchase new weapons, upgrades and enhancements, new recruits and much more. You’re in full control of your city and navigation is as easy as tapping the building you want to enter. Selecting battles is also just as easy. Prior to battle you have the opportunity to configure your hero’s weapons, train them to improve skill level and then head straight for battle. In City of Splendors battle is actually autonomous, and you don’t really have any input other than pressing that begin battle button. But the battle isn’t the main thing here and you’ll find plenty of other interactive activities that will keep you busy in the City of Splendors.

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Overall, I found the game to extremely well constructed and it definitely has a nice RPG feel to it, especially since its being played on a 4 inch screen. Surprisingly, it feels spacious and it no way does it inhibit the game play. Aside from many spelling mistakes in the game, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about and its certainly a joy to play. The initial guide is a little lengthy but at the same time, the game is somewhat complex and an extensive tutorial is a welcomed feature. If you like RPGs then you absolutely must check City of Splendors, especially since it is entirely free.

Check out City of Splendors for iOS on the App Store!

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