Social networking has come a long way since Facebook was first introduced. Now, there’s new ways to broadcast your daily events to the world, or just your friends. One of those ways is CogniFit MoodCraft. It lets you create and share your mood through fully customizable smileys.

With CogniFit MoodCraft you create a smiley face for each mood that you would like to share on your CogniFit MoodCraft wall. Feeling exhilarated? Why not share that face with your friends by making a smiley? That’s what CogniFit MoodCraft is all about. When you want to make a face, simply tap the appropriate tab in the bottom menu and you’re off. Here you will be able to customize just about everything on your face. You can change every angle of the smile, select from a variety of different mouth widths and shapes, change eyebrow width, add about a million different props to your smiley like bandaids, flowers, facial hair styles, sunglasses and much much more. I can’t stress enough how many option you have here. You can also buy even more options via in-app purchases if the free options don’t satisfy you. With every object that you can place on your smiley, including the default objects like eyes, brows, mouth, etc. you can scale and move each one of them for a 100% custom look. No one smiley will ever be the same, and that’s a good thing, because emotions are always different so why should your smileys? Once the smiley is ready to go, simply tap the check marks, add a title, an explanation and tap post to share with all your friends.

CogniFit MoodCraft also lets you browse emotions all over the world, where you will find inspiration for your own smileys and check out the artistic creations of other people. There’s also a section that lets you browse your friends smileys where you can comment and like each one appropriately. Overall, CogniFit MoodCraft is a unique idea that lets share how you feel like no other other app on the App Store. If you’re a social butterfly that just can’t wait to express your emotion, CogniFit MoodCraft is a must have for you especially when you consider the price – free.

Check out CogniFit MoodCraft for iPhone on the App Store!

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