Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 7.47.39 PMDo you like comics? Perhaps you like assembling your own comic-like storyboard? If so, you must check out Comics Head for iPad.

Comics Head for iPad is powerful tools that is designed to make the process of creating custom storyboards, presentations and illustrations as simple as possible. It comes with many different layouts to help get the ball rolling on the design process. Once the appropriate arrangements is selected, Comics Head will offer a tool palette filled with options like characters, backgrounds, colours, photos and many more that will aid the journey of developing a personalized composition. Comics Head makes it easy to add finger drawings, shapes and speech bubbles. Every element added to the storyboard is fully adjustable in terms of position, rotation and scale. Comics Head allows to freely resize and position objects on the storyboard with intuitive gestures. There are also preview options available that help take a bird-eye view on the project. With Comics Head, its possible to take a snapshot of a map, add a camera photo, or even insert a web page. It also integrates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a more social experience.

Overall, Comics Head offers many tools and utilities that make creating a personalized comic book or presentation as easy as drag-and-drop. However, there are several things that I, personally, find extremely irritating. The first, and foremost is the fact that Comics Head doesn’t support retina graphics. On any modern, and even 2-year-old device the interface looks blurry and dated. While it does make use of custom-styled popup for controls like layers, the lack of retina graphics significantly reduces the appearance of quality. Speaking of quality, when rendering web pages, maps and cropping various objects, the quality of the image drops drastically and it’s very evident in the its resolution. Despite these things, Comics Head still remains a great little tool for designing custom, personalized comic books. Go ahead and check out the free version if you’re unsure of how useful it may be to you.

Check out Comics Head for iPad on the App Store!

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