CrazyTalkCrazyTalk is pretty crazy awesome to be quite blunt. CrazyTalk is truly unique and an extraordinary find on the App Store because it does what other app simply can’t do. Read on a little more to find out what I mean.

CrazyTalk, in a nutshell, is an application that will automatically interpret your voice, analyze its intensity and create a lip-synced talking animation of a character or your choice. Now if that alone doesn’t impress you, let me just say that with additional purchases you can also add custom animations by swiping, tapping and manipulating your character with multi-touch gestures while you speak. These animations are easy converted into short videos that you can then iMessage to your friends or share on YouTube, Facebook and other social sites. CrazyTalk also offers a fun free-control mode where you can just interact with your character, make various expressions and simply enjoy the animations. Also another purchase will unlock a voice morphing function that will allow you modify your recorded voice in many interesting ways. While these purchases are always available to you at any time, they are by no means necessary for you to enjoy the application. You can still create amazing animations and send them to your friends entirely free of charge.

Overall, I think CrazyTalk is one of the coolest apps on the App Store so far. It takes voice analysis to a whole new level and empowers technology to do things that are more human-like and personal. CrazyTalk is a great way to send a friend a message with express or even send someone a greeting. CrazyTalk is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it to everyone. Go ahead and check it out, its free.

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