Slap It UpThe handshake. Its one of the most common ways to greet an individual, but with Slap It Up Platinum it becomes one of the most creative as well.

Slap It Up Platinum lets create, customize, rate, explore and challenge various handshakes created by other people. This is all done right on your phone in flash-card style layout. A handshake or a “slap” consists of a predetermined number of sequences, the quantity of which you have complete control over if you are the creator. You arrange these sequences that are in the form of a mini-flash card, in which ever order you desire and that creates your unique handshake. You give it a name, submit it, and it goes public for all the world to see and challenge. Once the sequence is complete, you can run a preview, which is almost like a short, seamless video clip of the entire sequence. This is also the preview that you would use to challenge other handshakes. You do so by watching the entire sequence and remembering what it consists of. After its finished playing, you must rebuild this sequence with flash-cards as quickly as you can using your memory to guide you. Get the order wrong and you fail, but get it right and you have a chance to set a new time record. In the challenge area, you can pick handshakes to challenge by the number of sequences they have, which is basically selecting the difficulty that you want to play at.

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Overall, Slap It Up Platinum is a fun game with very high quality handshake animations, music and sound affects. However, I did find the interface to be somewhat lacking, especially compared to the mini-video graphics. There are also tons of zooming and popping animations in the interface that I found to be a little over the top and excessive. The app is also somewhat unstable. I had it crash about 6 times during the course of my review. Although not a significant set back, a crash is still inconvenient and extremely annoying when trying to create your own sequence. Other than a few drawbacks, Slap It Up Platinum is quite a good product overall and if you’re not fully sold on it yet, there is a free version that you can check out at any time called Slap It Up.

Check out Slap It Up Platinum for iPhone on the App Store!

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