Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.32.45 PMTaking photos on the iPhone has been improving exponentially over the last several iteration of the smartphone. With better cameras and more advanced technology, the phone come out crisper and better than ever. With more great photos comes a need for a better editor and today, we’re taking a look at exactly that.

Crop-Size for iOS is an amazing tool for any amateur and even professional photographer. Available as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad, you can take advantage of iCloud Photo Library to edit all your iPhone shots on the large screen of your iPad. Crop-Size is all about giving you control over your edits. Conventional iPhone editors focus on simplifying the user-experience at the expense of powerful features, but with Crop-Size, you get both the easy-of-use and advanced editing tools. While there is a slight learning curve in using all available features, Crop-Size does provide a helpful how-to snippets as you use the app, making extremely easy to get started and edit your first couple of photos. Just to give you an idea of how powerful Crop-Size can be I’ll highlight one of my favorite features – Programs. When editing multiple photos of the same or similar subject, you can oftentimes find yourself wishing to apply the same edits and adjustments to more than one photo at once. With Programs, you can do just that by recording all edits from one photo and applying countless times on other shots.

Overall, my experience with Crop-Size was a pleasant one. The app offers many useful features than aren’t readily available in other photo editing apps. Most competitors focus on similar feature sets, whereas Crop-Size really delivers unique features like Programs, metadata inspection & editing and custom file format exports. Crop-Size also looks and feels great too. If you’re a photographer, you will definitely benefit from Crop-Size.

Check out Crop-Size for iOS on the App Store!

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