Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.07.39 PMClassic running games can be a lot of fun, especially on your iOS device where it can be played at any time. Today we’re taking a look at Datswer for iOS, a story about a statue coming to life.

Datswer revolves around a story about magical fluid that drips on a statue made of rock called Datswer. Soon the statue gains a life and must escape that dark cave where it was born. It is your job to guide it out in one piece. Not only is this a running-type game, its a puzzle that makes you think as well. On the way you’ll encounter enemies and terrain that you must navigate correctly to find your way you. You’ll control Datswer by using the onscreen joystick with several other buttons that will help you run faster, fire your weapon and more. You don’t have to be very good at this game because there’s no concept of lives. You can die as many times as you wish and you’ll just revert to your last checkpoint. Very simple.

Overall, I had several issues with Datswer. Primarily, the controls were extremely difficult to use and very buggy majority of the time. Oftentime I found myself not able to move or jump or even exit to the main menu. The graphics as well are not at all optimized for a modern screen and appear blurry and stretched. Navigating through the terrain I also noticed many incidents where the character would be half-way through the floor or hung up in mid-air. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look Datswer is ready for prime time just yet, but I did find the concept to be quite interesting. In fact, the intro video is very intriguing and the game is based on a unique story. I’d really like to see Datswer bug-free, and I look forward to playing in the future.

Check out Datswer for iOS on the App Store!

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