Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.43.40 PMMass calling and / or text messaging always seemed like a bit of a black hole. It just happens but no one really knows how its done. But now, you can implement a call or message to multiple number with DialMyCalls for iPhone.

The idea behind DialMyCalls is to let anyone with an iPhone record or type out a message, select a group of phone numbers, tap a button and send that message to the entire list of people in that group. Sounds simple, and a matter of fact, with DialMyCalls it is just that simple. The only downside, as far as I can tell, is the weekly limit of 1 of these mass messages, also knows as “blasts”. However, for small business and individuals, this limitation is rather irrelevant as the need for more frequent blasts is just non-existent. If, however, you’ll find this limitation impossible to work with, you can spend just 10 bucks and get yourself 140 blasts. The beauty of DialMyCalls is that you can create several “mailing lists” as I’ll call them. Each list consist of a group of people that you can send a blast to. This functionality lets you keep track of multiple contact groups and manage blasts to each appropriately, which can be extremely useful and at times, even necessary. A blast can consist of a voice recording provided by you, a robot-generated recording based on text provided by you or finally, an SMS message with your text. Those three options, more or less cover just about everything you can think of, which makes DialMyCalls Jack-of-all-trades.

Overall, DialMyCalls is neatly done, simple to use, very straightforward with virtually no learning curve. This is good because for a piece of software that does a relatively complex task, the UI is tremendously simple. In addition, your account is also synced with their website so all your information can be accessed via a web browser as well. Considering that there is no account fees, subscription fees and only “pay-as-you-go” type plans, DialMyCalls is a phenomenal deal for any business or individual. If you’re looking to “blast” some contacts, look no further than DialMyCalls for iPhone.

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