Iron RunIf you’re bored of Temple Run or just looking for a cool game to add to the games folder, look no further because Iron Run will take care of your gaming needs for a little while.

Iron Run for iPhone is a slightly different spin on Temple Run and Pitfall. If you’re not familiar with either of those fantastic games, the idea is quite simple so let me explain. Essentially you’ll play the role of a character from a third-person perspective, and your task is prevent your character from colliding with foreign and dangerous objects, avoid falling into pits and many other roadblocks that will inconvenience you along the way. The reason you need to do all these things is generally because your character is running from something and must escape. The case with Iron Run is more or less the same except there are, of course, some unique game features. In Iron Run you are a robot running down a road which contains deep pits, car roadblocks, and several other obstacles. You’ll use swipe gestures to move from side to side, jump and slide underneath objects. You can also tap to shoot limited-ammo canon. Along the way you’ll find ammunition and other power ups that will help you along the way. The goal here is to run as long as you can. There’s no limit, the longer the better.

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Overall, I found Iron Run to be quite good. Although the quality of the graphics and the sound effects does lack a bit, the game as a whole was a good experience and is a decent place to start if you’re looking to occupy your time with a little iPhone gaming. I wish in the future updates the sounds can be enhanced because current sound effects are somewhat irritating, especially the robot’s steps as they hit the pavement are extremely repetitive. If you’re looking for a great temple-run like game, make sure you grab Iron Run on the App Store for free.

Check out Iron Run for iPhone on the App Store!

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