Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.37.54 PMIf you’re looking for a file organizer and manager to take care of storing your files privately and securely, you may benefit from having a look at DragNSYNC for iPad.

DragNSYNC helps you manage your files on the iPad. You are free to create folders and organize files into them as necessary. Take photos, upload from photo library or open any file from any other application that has an “open in…” menu (even mail). On top of that you have the option to passcode protect access to DragNSYNC so that your files are well protected. DragNSYNC also employs a decoy password that will let intruders into the app without revealing any of your information. Renaming files is also easy, just tap and hold the file or folder to type in a new name. DragNSYNC also has iCloud support, allowing you to move files to a designated iCloud folder where they will then propagate to your other devices.

While these features seem quite reasonable and actually very useful, my overall experience with the application was significantly below average or what I was expecting. For iPhone users, expectations from applications have grown over the past several years with tons of new high-quality apps raising the bar for quality standards. Unfortunately, I can’t say that DragNSYNC has come even close to an average expectation in my opinion. The interface looks extremely poor, there is no retina support for icons, custom buttons don’t follow Apples interface guidelines and hardly match the style of the app. There are little to no animations and most importantly, I found that it was not intuitive at all to use. Some of the basic features that we’ve grown accustomed to like swipe to delete, tap edit to bring up red circles and tap each one to show the delete button, are simply not implemented the way they are supposed to be. Overall, DragNSYNC just seems like an unfinished product. Nonetheless, I am hopeful that in the future releases we can look forward to an improved user interface and fine-tuned experience using the application.

Check out DragNSYNC for iPad on the App Store!

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