Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 6.53.00 PMI’d never thought that it would be possible to get an iPhone app where you can stick your own picture on a mug, position it exactly the way you want and order it right on your iPhone. That day has definitely come thanks to Photo Mugs for iPhone.

Photo Mugs is an extremely easy-to-use app, that lets you create customized photo mugs. Single sided, double sided, you name it. It’ll take care of your photo mug needs without a problem. You can even get just text and write your funny messages on the daily coffee mug. Photo Mugs even lets you create a collage-like image – they call it a tiled mug, which is pretty cool. The offers a very comprehensive help and / or guide so if you have questions about the purchasing process or how to create you mug, you’ll find everything in there. Once the mug is ready, you’ll need to fill in some quick delivery information like name, address and the like, enter some payment info for your credit cards (which btw, are not saved in the application) and you’ll be well on your way to a 100% secure payment for your mug. Since the app originated in the UK, shipping times within the UK and Europe are the quickest, ranging from 1-4 days. For the rest of the world its still not all that bad at up to 7 days. This is actually quite a lot more convenient then getting your mug printed at Wal-mart, provided that you can plan ahead of time. And nothing beat the convenience of using an iPhone application to make your purchase, avoiding all the unnecessary driving, waiting and line and having to worry about picking it up later.

Overall, Photo Mugs is definitely a great experience and if you’re looking to get a photo mug this is definitely something that should be looked into. Photo Mugs offers a real smooth experience and I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking to print a customized coffee mug for an event, as a present or simply because they can. I encourage you to find out more.

Check out Photo Mugs for iPhone on the App Store!

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