Energet is a cool game for iOS that takes an interesting perspective of a sphere that delivers power to various batteries in each level. You will begin the game with just a couple levels to choose from with the ability to unlock the next level by successfully completing each one in sequence. Not only is this logical, but it will also prepare you for difficult challenges that can sometimes seem impossible to beat. Fortunately, all levels are beatable, including the level that I appear to be struggling with in the video above. I managed to beat it after a little practice. The idea of the game is simple, yet challenging and as a result, quite addicting. With a limited number of shots, you must launch your energy-collecting sphere at surrounding batteries in order to gather their energy and deliver it to the “mother” battery. As you progress through the levels you will find various items that can make your journey harder or easier. No matter what the obstacle, the challenge is still to deliver that energy to your battery.

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Overall, the game play is very smooth, the controls are easy to use and the overall experience is quite rewarding. It only take a few seconds to get addicted. There really isn’t anything that I particularly don’t like in this game and there are tons of things that I enjoyed like the sound effects and the guide for the sphere’s trajectory. I think without the game would be significantly more difficult especially when you consider the limited shots you have for each level. All in all, Energet is a great game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a puzzle-type game.

Check out Energet for iOS on the App Store!

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