MurmurationMeditation cleanses your mind and soul to help refuel you with energy. Setting a timer for your meditation session can be a hassle and take away from the session itself. Murmuration solves this problem and many more.

Murmuration is a minimalist timer for the your meditation needs. It is extremely easy to use, very intuitive and most importantly doesn’t add the additional burden of setting a timer and dealing with clunky interfaces. The app is based entirely on gestures and almost everything you do is with a swipe, a pinch or a drag. Moving from screen to screen can be done simply by swiping and setting a time for your timer is as easy as swiping up and down. It is by far the fastest way to set a timer. Swipe up to set the time, and swipe left to get started. That’s it. Off you go into your meditation mode. After the time is up, a bell will sound and you can go on with your life and do what you have to do. The timer view itself is actually very cool as well, it counts down like a really slow-moving loading progress bar from top to bottom.

Overall, Murmuration proved to be extremely user friendly, with a quick tips page around every corner, you’ll be up and running with the gestures in no time. Sometimes gesture-based apps can be hard to figure out because the gestures aren’t always evident, but with Murmuration and help page will guide through everything you need to know. The interface is also very calm, relaxing and definitely very supportive of your intention to meditate. Setting the timer is certainly no hassle and doesn’t take away from the meditation experience, which is the whole point. If you’re daily routine consists of some sort of meditation, Murmuration is definitely an app to have. Make sure you check it out.

Check out Murmuration for iPhone on the App Store!

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