WeeWaa RockOn3D games on iOS devices are just awesome. The sheer possibilities of mobile computing allow for some crazy graphics and today we’re taking a look at a game who graphics are nothing short of incredible.

WeeWaa RockOn is available for both iPhone and iPad as a universal iOS application and the first impression is definitely impressive. WeeWaa RockOn revolves around a cool little story about a happy village of WeeWaas that are being continuously attacked by grumpy Groompas. Fortunately, they have figured out that a pleasant sounds of electric guitar is like Groompas’ kryptonite. Your job is to take on the mission of eliminating the Groompas armed with dangerous water ballons and freeing the village from constant battering. You will start of a level as one of the hero WeeWaas walking a predefined path. You have no control over where the character travels but rather, your main priority is to scoop up every Groompa you see and throw them away. As you play along, you’ll get options to throw your Groompas into nets, other Groompas or bonus areas where you’ll have the opportunity to earn some extra points and coins. Survive as long as you can, collect coins and use them to purchase costumes and guitars. The entire game is built in a 3D engine and offers spectacular graphics, ultra-smooth gameplay and tons of visual effects and high-quality sounds.

My overall experience with WeeWaa RockOn was amazing. I enjoyed all the details very much and actually had trouble believing that such an incredibly constructed game was just a buck on the App Store. For a mere dollar, you’ll get two great levels to play through (with more levels coming at a later time), game center integration as well as the amazing graphics. If you like games and enjoy exploring the latest in greatest in iOS 3D gaming, WeeWaa RockOn should definitely be on your list.

Check out WeeWaa RockOn for iOS on the App Store!

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