Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.01.31 PMWith the onset of location sharing, having a virtual leash on your friends and family is becoming a growing trend for both safety and curiosity. Today, we’re taking a look at an app that brings another take on the popular concept to life.

Family Orbit is an iPhone app that lets you collaborate on location sharing with your family and friends. Having an account for each of the members gives everyone the ability to monitor each other’s location, check-in for critical checkpoints and even receive speeding alerts of your teenage children. Getting started is a simple as entering some simple credentials and creating an account. Inviting new members involves a similar process. Once everyone in your desired group has an account set up, you can being sharing location check-ins and more. Tapping a single button for a quick check-in with a message lets you communicate your current whereabouts with a comment. A shared camera photo library (with up to 5GB available as a separate purchase) also lets your monitor what photos are taken. There are also many more features that let you setup geofence warnings, and much more.

Overall, Family Orbit features many different and useful capabilities. However, the biggest issue I’ve had wasn’t with the feature-set but rather with the quality of the software. The product is very glitchy, and very frequently results in confusing, jumping navigation and at times, it was completely unusable because part of the interface simply vanished. The UI and user experience was subpar as much of the interface doesn’t comply with iOS standards and best practices. I see a lot of potential in a flawlessly executed product like this as the idea is very cool. In my opinion, with a solid update to the user interface, Family Orbit can go a long way in helping you keep your family safe and secure.

Check out Family Orbit for iPhone on the App Store!

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