Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 8.35.04 PMHave you ever wished you owned a newspaper? Perhaps you love writing about the latest news in technology, science or any other topic. Now you can do all that and more with Follow My News for iPhone.

Follow My News lets you create your own digital newspaper and populate with whatever content you wish. No filters, no limits. You write it, you publish it. You can also browse the latest news from other publishers like yourself and subscribe to them if you like the content. Just as easily you can start up a chat with your followers or those that you are following and discuss relevant topics about their content. Your profile is also completely open for customization with the ability to change the display picture, title and headline. When adding new articles to your newspaper, you also have the option of adding a photo, video or an audio clip as well, which can enhance your content and improve your newspaper.

All these features sound good, but there are several issue in my opinion. The biggest issue that is extremely hard to miss is that the interface is poor and the user experience is not much better. Some screens are simply blank with no data or explanation. There’s no support for the retina display and the colors are very far from a modern palette. There are technical issues as well. The app feels unstable and crashes regularly. Occasionally the “loading…” view never disappears and requires that I manually close the app by removing it from the multitask menu and restart it. Overall, I feel like the app is just not ready for a public release and needs significant improvements both visually and programmatically. While the concept is interesting, the implementation can use some work and so I hope to see an improved version sometime down the road.

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