Get HappyHappiness is apparently hard to come by these, I’m not sure why, but if you’re looking for a little mood boost, you should check out this application called Get Happy. Its exactly what it sounds like and it’ll help you on your journey to happy times with inspiration quotes and messages.

Get Happy is actually very simply in nature and offer a very easy-to-use, intuitive interface that presents various inspirational texts that will help light up your day in four categories. In fact, Get Happy was designed by a practicing clinical psychologist to deliver simple and effective daily tips and as a result, Get Happy’s tips are both relevant and highly actionable. The categories include relationships, leisure, word education and personal growth. You can tap each on to view the complete list for the category or you can simply scroll the entire collection on your own. Get Happy also features a smart search that lets you specify your current level of happiness in each category, and Get Happy will do the math and show you the most appropriate ones for you.

The concept is actually really cool, and a quick browse through some of the texts reveals that there are some very valuable life lessons and advice to be discovered in this application. Not only will Get Happy help point you in the right direction but it will also improve your understanding of the things you already have and journeys your life has taken you on. It all sounds very broad and vague at this point so naturally, the best thing to do would be for you to go and grab the app yourself and dive a little deeper on your own. Get Happy is built very well, and the design not only looks great but is very functional too. For anyone interested in improving their life, I recommend Get Happy. Is your happiness worth 99 cents?

Check out Get Happy for iPhone on the App Store!

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