HalfeetIf you’re looking to meet people or for an iPhone dating application, there’s a free alternative to the big names called Halfeet.

Halfeet is a free app for iPhone that will help you find people around you to interact with. The great thing about the sign-up process is that you don’t have to provide your email or phone number. A login email is given to you and all that is required is that you enter a password. With Halfeet its easy to browse people by their profile picture and their distance away from you. You can do so in a thumbnail or list view. When you find an individual that sparks your interest, you can choose to follow them and start a chat. Inside that chat you have many interactive options like animated emoticon-like cliparts, doodle pads, color text, sending photos and more. There is also a place where you can search by hashtags, called Square.

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Overall, I found Halfeet to be an average-looking and performing application. I’m not too crazy about the design, the localizations in English can use a big improvement and there are some places where even the iPhone 5 struggles to deliver butter-smooth performance (like the thumbnail scroll view). With some improvements, Halfeet can really become a great dating application, but considering that its free, you can go ahead and give it a shot right now and see how you like it.

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