iDocsDespite the many downsides of Microsoft Office, it still remains one of the most popular word processors out there. To work with it, you might want to check out an app for your iOS device called iDocs.

iDocs lets you create, edit and manage Microsoft Office Word documents. In essence, it is a word processor with many features that will make your experience with Word just a little bit better on a mobile device. iDocs will not only help you create and edit documents, it also boasts file compression via .zip format, Dropbox integration that lets you upload and download files, complete PDF annotation and of course text editing with full control of color, size, font and the like. You’ll also find that the interface is styled to resemble that of Microsoft Word, which is a welcomed feature for some, but if I’m honest, I must say that it reminds of the Windows 95 days. I would prefer something with a more modern feel. On the brightside, the overall experience is relatively well put together and the app has a very shallow learning curve.

Overall, I thought iDocs was a good piece of software for anyone who works with Microsoft Word documents and/or PDF files. The .zip feature is by far the most useful as it something your iOS device doesn’t natively support. My only wish is for the interface to be improved visually and for enhanced stability overall. If you’re into MS Word documents, this might definitely be something worth checking out.

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