iKeepStatsKeeping track of statistics has never been easier on the iPhone. If there are some occurrences that you would like to watch closely or simply monitor over an extended period of time, iKeepStats is the app for you.

iKeepStats is simple application for the iPhone that allows you manually keep track of arbitrary data. You’ll first begin by creating a title for you statistic. This will effectively name what you’re tracking. For example, lets use exercise as an example. If regular exercise is something that you struggle at and you would like to know whether your frequency is improving over time, you would first create an appropriate category. Then, every time you engage in physical activity you will open up iKeepStats and swipe a counter to increment the count for that day. You’ll do this each time an significant event needs to be recorded and once a good amount of data is available you’ll be able to view it in a nice formatted graph with a moving line average. There are also other features that will allow you to edit timestamps, view additional information and more.

Overall, iKeepStats is great tool for keeping track simple activity statistics. Personally, the interface is much to skeuomorphic for my taste and in my opinion has gone overboard with customization. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that whole app implements a wood / texture-like feel that extends into things like navigation controls and even the keyboard. While generally customization is a good thing, extreme customization on this level tends to inhibit usability as common controls and navigation paradigms become obscured by the unfamiliar redesign. Design is, of course, open for interpretation based on personal preference but in my opinion, iKeepStats would benefit greatly from an iOS 7 redesign.

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