If you enjoy music then you might like to check out this next app that will challenge your knowledge of your own music library on your iPhone. It takes songs, plays them and shows them in unique ways and makes you guess the artist. This game is called JukeBox Genius.

JukeBox Genius is a trivia game about your music library. You’ll find out if your really know your music library as well as you think you do. There are several game modes in JukeBox Genius, but you’ll first start off with one – Artist Name. A song will play and you’ll have to guess from a list of 5 artists. Each name will start disappearing the longer you wait, so you must be as quick as possible to get the highest score. The second game mode involves guessing album artwork. It will swirl its way down from super sized to normal size to make things a little more challenging. Again, you’ll have 5 choices of artists. There are many more game modes that you can unlock by either purchasing them for 99 cents or playing through the game to unlock them. To unlock each one, you must scale your way up the charts by completing challenges at the end of each level. The challenge consists of 5 songs snippets that are played in order. You must guess the artist of each song and arrange the artists in the same order. If you get all of them right, you get awesome bonus points, if not, then you’ll miss out and will have to play the level again in order to try out your luck one more time.

Overall, the game is a good idea but I found that all the graphics seem to be really washed out and blurry. It just seems like it was originally designed for non-retina devices, and was simply scaled up for retina devices. The result is not very good, and improved graphics would really improve the experience. Other then that, the game seems to play well and can be a lot of fun if your music library doesn’t suck.

Check out JukeBox Genius for iPhone on the App Store!

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