KatakIf you own an iPhone and an iPad, chances are, you enjoy universal games that you can play on both devices. Today we’re taking a look at exactly that – a great universal game that you can enjoy on both devices for one price.

Katak is simple, yet elegant game for both your iPhone and iPad. It is about two frogs who must battle it out in a fight for food. Their favourite meal, which happens to be a combination of mosquitos and dragonflies, has been interrupted by each other’s presence and they need you to help them capture as much of their favourite food as possible. The controls are rather well thought out. In my opinion, its as close to a frog hunting for food as you can possibly get on an iOS device. Tapping within a certain diameter of the frog will highlight a beam in the appropriate directions. Increasing the diameter will proportionately increase the range of the shot. Lift your finger from the screen to fire away your frog’s tongue and hopefully capture as many insects as you can. The tongue has some travel time as well, so if some bugs fly into its path, you’ll reap the rewards. Not all bugs, however, are a successful meal. Some will confuse your frog and invert your aiming. Others will limit your range. Some, though, will give you a wider tongue and let you capture more food so you really have to watch what you catch. Besides the great gameplay, my favourite feature is that you can play head-to-head with a friend on the same device. If friends are in short supply, you can just as easily replace them with the computer as well.

Overall, I though the game was extremely well done. The graphics, sound effects and the physics of Katak are just spot on. Absolutely no complaints, other than the fact that I’d like to see some more levels and perhaps more variety in powerups. Needless to say, these don’t take away from the game whatsoever and are only additions that I’d like to see in the future. If you’d like something to play with a friend or you just want to enjoy a fun little game, Katak for iOS should be your next download.

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