Scan and ProtectAre you interested in security when it comes to confidential documents and information on your iOS device? Maybe its time to secure your data for once and you’re looking for a solution. Scan and Protect is definitely an app you should look into.

Scan and Protect simply encrypts and stores all the photos you take on your iPhone. You start the app by creating a password that will be used to access you information inside the application. You will then create your initial folder to store your photos. You can create as many folder as you like, and they can be extremely handy in organizing your information. After that’s done, its then entirely up to you to fill Scan and Protect with your most valuable and confidential photos of you bank statements, credit cards, etc. Scan and Protect also lets you set your photo quality which will essentially reduce file size and reduce encrypting / decrypting time but will in turn result in poor photos. The choice is yours, however.

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Overall, I found Scan and Protect to be extremely expensive for the feature-set that it includes. There are other applications that offer a higher quality interface along with better file storage schemes in the same price range. Also, Scan and Protect isn’t really a scanner of any kind, it simply encrypts photos you take with the in-app camera. While the app would be a worthy competitor in the $0.99 range, at $6 bucks its price is not justified by the feature set.

Check out Scan and Protect for iPhone on the App Store!

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