We’ve had Lifetopix reviewed here on AppShrink.com when it first came out just a over a year ago. And now Lifetopix is back in full swing with an all new version and tons of new features.

For those of you not familiar with Lifetopix, it is an organizer for just about any “topic” you can think of. Hence the name. And when I say, just about any topic, I quite literally mean that it is very difficult to find a topic that you can’t log something, or write something in. In fact, this app covers all angles so thoroughly that you may never have to get another app for organization again. In Lifetopix there are so many topics that it would be impractical to list them here but I will go through some of the more impressive ones, in my opinion. First, we’ll start off with Health & Activity. In this section not only can you log your activity, nutrition, health stats (blood sugar, blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, weight, stress level and many more), health services along with significantly more options. Tapping a category in Lifetopix feels like you’re diving into a black hole of information, there’s more and more categories, and each one will branch out into even more stuff. And this is a good thing. Why? Because you don’t have to use all of them. If you just decide that you want to use the Health category and Finance category to keep track of your health and financial situation then you have TONS of options in just those two. Later on you’ll decide that you want to add another category to your daily usage, and you can easily do that. Lifetopix allows you to show and hide categories you don’t use, so its really that easy.

Just to briefly summarize, you can use Lifetopix for tasks and to-dos, shopping lists, planning events, travel planning & calculations, track school subjects, classes and tasks, and you can even use Lifetopix to track your online bookmarks and media. These aren’t even all the categories. As you can see Lifetopix is HUGE. Its actually gigantic. Looking at the home screen is like looking at the very tiny tip of the iceberg. Lifetopix is THE definition of an All-in-one application, and if you’re looking for an app that will do it all, Lifetopix is a must have. What’s even more astonishing that ALL of this is available to you all at once for one small price of 1$. Yes, its less then a cup of coffee and you don’t even need to pay for a subscription or purchase specific sections as in-app purchases. Its all available to you as soon as you download the app. Lifetopix is a definite winner and you should check it out.

Check out Lifetopix for iOS on the App Store!

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