With today’s busy lifestyles and crammed schedules it can often become a challenge to organize your life. But now, theres a simple solution.

For those of us with not-so-good organizational skills, and even for those who have mastered the ability, the solution comes in a form of a universal iPhone and iPad application. LifeTopix is essentially an enormous organizer that has been squeezed into a very feature filled and user friendly application. Its main goal is to consolidate and organize your life from every perspective. Everything from personal finances, daily projects and schedules, to nutrition and activity logs and even your shopping lists, LifeTopix is a dream come true for anyone with a busy schedule. It even syncs all events created in LifeTopix with the iPhone and iPad calendar app! No longer will you be forgetting your grocery shopping list, how much spending money your really have, or when your next project deadline is. Rest assured that LifeTopix will take care of the hard work provided that you make a dedication to yourself to become more organized. And if you’re the organization guru, you will find even more things to sort through, like home theatre assets and travel insurance service providers just to name a few.

Not only is LifeTopix great for organizing your life, it is very good at keeping it that way too. It employs clever data backup, which is separate from iTunes to keep your information safe. The app also lets you secure your valuables with a passcode that is required on launch or even when returning to via multi-tasking switcher. You can also record voice notes that can be organized in folders and categories.

So if you’re after improving your organizational skills or simply looking for a better way to organize them, LifeTopix is what you’ve been looking for. Although it is slightly pricy at $3.99, it is well worth the investment to a better organized lifestyle and not to mention you do get a universal app which is great on both iPhone and iPad.

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4 Responses to LifeTopix – App Review

  1. Ken Brussack says:

    Possible to import calendar events & to do items?
    Already know can “import” contacts as needed.

  2. Sandy Pyle says:

    Hi, this looks great and I have narrowed my choices to two. Can you personalize contacts with photo and info,like birthday, how they take their coffee etc also can you add audio notes in the different functions like calendar? I hope you would be able to answer these questions. Thanks

    • Most items in LifeTopix allow for photos, voice notes and video clip. The “person” object in the view “People in LifeTopix” shows how that person is related to things within LifeTopix – for example, Task Owner, Trip Companion, Event Invitee, etc. We plan to add photos/videos/notes to the person object as well in the near future.

      • A little more helpful info: since the Person object in LifeTopix can be associated with a device contact, and device contact can have photos, notes, birthday, etc, you can easily see all the info you’ve sued for without replicating the same information inside LifeTopix. Hope that helps!

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